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The References section should contain the most important bibliographic references about the evolutionary history and characteristics of your group. These should follow the format used in the journal Systematic Biology. The references should include not only cited papers, but also other general references about the group. Please note that the References section is subject to editorial revisions without notice. If we become aware of relevant books or papers that are not yet listed, we will add them.

References should be entered as plain text. Place a carriage return at the end of each reference and none within a reference. Our system uses the carriage return as the marker for the end of one reference and the beginning of the next. Don't use tabs or indents; on ToL pages, references will automatically be formatted with a hanging indent.

Please do not use paragraph tags, links, or any other HTML markup in your references list. Links should be provided in the Information on the Internet section. Markup will interfere with the automatic processing of references in the future ToL references management systems, which will allow us to link to other databases providing services such as abstracts and full text delivery.

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